Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Exciting Changes

Wow... Its been a while. I've fallen off the blogging boat and had a really hard time getting back on. Things have been a little crazy the past little bit. We've had some big changes in our little family and we couldn't be more excited about them! First and foremost- We are having a baby!!!... I'm pretty sure most of you know already, but I need to document. :)

We are expecting our sweet baby girl in June. Overall I really can't complain about the pregnancy. I've been more uncomfortable than I'd really like to be, but thats to be expected. I've had a hard time feeling like I'm ready for her to come, mostly due to the fact that we aren't in our own space right now. She will be here in less than 15 weeks and I've had multiple freak-out moments. Luckily Kyler is always very calm. Its fun to have our families be excited for us too. We got a travel set for Christmas thanks to Kylers family. We already look like pros!

He is going to be such a good Daddy!

 Here's to the 3rd trimester around the corner!

Other exciting changes include a few job changes.  I applied for a job at Ensign Floral and had an interview set up the same day.  I received the job at the interview and was quite surprised at how fast everything had happened.  After being at Tai Pan for just over 6 years I was a little nervous and intimidated to accept.  I talked with Kyler and we felt like it was the right decision for us.  I'm really glad now that I took it.  I don't think I could have conquered another holiday season at Tai Pan being in the first few months of my pregnancy and feeling like I was at the time.  It really was a blessing and I feel like I am learning a ton that will help with my flower business in the future!

Notice I said a few job changes... Kyler has been applying for jobs the past couple months as well.  He is in his second to last semester of school and we've been anxious to try and have something figured out before the baby came- whether it was an internship or just working on finding a job.  He applied at a company called CSC and after a few weeks of interviews was offered a job.   He said goodbye to FedEx (super excited to do) and his Weber State Bookstore job (kind of sad to do) and now works full time in Logan.  He is really liking what he does and can't wait to graduate! Only a few more months! Next comes the house hunting in Brigham City.  I just have to remind myself to have patience!

Loving life!! 

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